CBSE Affiliation No.: 2132209

What Teachers Say

•A good positive classroom environment that helps improve attention reduce anxiety and supports emotional and behaviour regulation of students.

•Helps the students to acquire higher motivation that leads to wonderful learning outcomes

•Our school presents to its learners an environment characterized by practices that is its cultural environment.

•Our school environment includes access to healthcare, and physical activity, clean air and water and education about making healthy choices.

•The physical environment of the school buildings and school grounds is a key factor in the overall health and safety of students.

•Individuals are made aware of the behaviour that others expect of them related to the norms, values and culture of their society.

Sanskar School of excellence aims to develop in children the knowledge and skills to enable them achieve their Career goals and become Caring and open minded leaders who think global and act local. Education at Sanskar is a relentless quest for excellence for the fullest possible development of a Student's personality and potential viz Academic, Spiritual, Moral, Social and Physical - are the key endeavors.

The children will learn to respect all cultures and communities preparing them to become a part of our increasingly multicultural world.

Sanskar Public School provides education in healthy environment Having great strategy of teaching and learning Having wonderful curriculum provides extracurricular activities like Sports, creative activities, music and art.

Homework is burdenless and innovative students find themselves engage in their study with interest.

Teachers passion and dedication is beyond words.

Very well organised education system.

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