CBSE Affiliation No.: 2132209

Mandatory Public Disclosure

In just a matter of six years the school has reached the great heights. The Management, Teachers and Staff members have put in a lot of effort to shape the school.

The Parents and Students have supported with full faith and optimism.

The highly experienced teachers guide the students at least to reach the sky if not beyond. Students developed holistically. We insist on moral values and life skills. A student must try to be a total human being who can take global decisions and be a proud Indian in the global scenario. Positive human values must be instinctive rather than educated.

Student must Love, care and show mercy, courtesy to all human beings. They should possess honesty and kindness in all their dealings and truth will lead them far. We would love to see our students at very high positions in the society and claim proudly that they are our students.'
Love luck and perseverance will lead them far-

So, parents lets join hands to take our Children to greater heights

Education is not only academic but also life skills and full of moral values and I trust the students will be good human beings first and then good scholars.


-Mrs.Devika Shrivastva

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