CBSE Affiliation No.: 2132209


Sanskar School of excellence aims to develop in children the knowledge and skills to enable them achieve their Career goals and become Caring and open minded leaders who think global and act local. Education at Sanskar is a relentless quest for excellence for the fullest possible development of a Student's personality and potential viz Academic, Spiritual, Moral, Social and Physical - are the key endeavors.

The children will learn to respect all cultures and communities preparing them to become a part of our increasingly multicultural world.

Aim of the School

The Aim of School is to uplift the mental standard of the children. We want to Enrich the mental horizon of all those children who will take admission in Sanskar Public School. They will be taught by the experienced and learned teachers of the school. Seeing the education standard of Chambal Valley Land, we have decided to work hard with the children with full devotion and dedication, we want them to be well behaved, well mannered so that the school and its teaching will remain indelibly branded in the letters of love in the hearts of the students.

Our mission is not only to teach them but also to guide them to build their bright career.

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